Jon Krauss

Hi, my name's Jon Krauss. I'm an art director, designer, and web developer based in Portland, OR USA.

My company, Vin, is a creative agency and brand consultancy focused on the wine world.

I studied fine art at The Evergreen State College, German language and literature at Whitman College, art history at Humboldt University Berlin, and typography at PNCA.

An Interview with Creative Director Jon Krauss


I'm only taking on wine-related projects right now. Please visit Vin for more information.


Hand-coded with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, and WordPress.

Typeset in Baskerville, Rama, Brandon, and Entypo.





These explorations blend colors, so we can observe the combinations. Each set was created en masse using a systematic process like a game. Sources include landscape and sunset photos and commercial color samples.


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